Sunday, August 15, 2004

Time For Some Funny Stuff

Ok, I left the Welcome up for a while, now it is time for some funny stuff.

One night, an old couple came into the restaurant where I work. When I say old, I mean OLD. They must have been in their 90s. From the front door to the table, the old woman was bitching at her poor husband. She never let up. Finally, they got to their table and the old wife says to the husband, "You just stay right here! I'm going to the restroom!". I was standing nearby, and heard all of this. I went up to the husband and ask if he knew what they wanted to drink. His beaten down face looked up at me and he said, "Only God knows, and SHE'S in the restroom!"

A co-work of mine answered the phone the other day at the restaurant where we both work. The caller asked if she could make a reservation for six for lunch at 11:30. My co-worker politely informed the caller that we did not accept reservations. The caller said, "Oh, I don't want to make a reservation, I just want you to set aside a table for six at 11:30"!

One day the boss at our restaurant was REALLY coming down hard on one of my co-workers. After taking it a while, my co-worker turns to the boss and said, "What kind of saddle do you prefer... western or english?" The boss got all flustered and ask what the hell that had to do with anything. To which my co-worker replied, "Well, if you're gonna ride my ass all day, I want you to be comfortable!" They have gotten along great ever since lol.

These are just a few stories to get us started. Have fun with this!


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