Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Hello fellow Waiters! This Blog is just for you!

This is a place for you to tell stories, make fun of customers, vent, give crazy quotes you hear from customers, and generally have fun. If you want the username and password so you can do your own post, simply let us know at super_waiter@yahoo.com and they will be sent to you. Any Waiter can post.

This is on the honor system, but we do ask a few things. Please do not delete other Waiter's post. With the username and password you will have access to the whole blog, so we trust you will not do this. Second, do not say bad things about your fellow Waiters, and never mention them by name. This is for us to have fun with, it is not an outlet to insult our co-workers. It is also not a place to blast your employer or boss. If you have something good to say about the resturant you work for you can mention it by name. If you have bad things to say, do not mention the name. Remember, your boss may find this site!

Have fun!


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